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"When life's journey here is ended, and earth's path no more be trod,
May their names, in gold be written, 'longside the autograph of God."
-Norman and Doris Palmer, Macclesfield. England

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A wise man once told me...
Despise not,
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Someone made "just one more remark" about normal one day, which gave me an idea...

I wanted to know if Normal even exists in America... So I looked it up at Yahoo! Maps, and my conclusion is this... Normal...
is east of the Mississippi. ;-)

Yahoo directions to Normal

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Upper Methow Valley, Northern Washington
Majestic at only 6,000 ft.

Polar Bear Kiss


From what was my only rose, a purple rose, in a before and after drying pose
my roommate's wife told me the weed killer was the aphid spray by accident 
when the rose bush had a record 26 blossoms on it
and they were all covered with aphids.
The aphids died but so did my rose brush. opps!


Pray like there's "No Tomorrow"; because One day it will have been true.

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